Introduction to Light Painting

You only need a few basic tools to start out, but a kit of knowledge about the techniques helps. Read this to get started.

Star Trails

Star trails capture the movement of the stars across the night sky in stunning images. Learn how to make your own.

Making a Multi-colour LED Light Wand

Follow my tutorial to make your own light wand for use in Light Paintings


Light Painting - Long Exposure Photography

Light Painting

Light Painting. Art. Photography. Performance. Expression.

I'm a light artist, a photographer who shoots in the dark. Using various Light Painting techniques I create images by manipulating light during a long exposure. By moving light sources and selectively illuminaing parts of a scene while the shutter is open for extended periods of time, the image is built up in the camera sensor.

Darkness is my canvas. Light is my paint.


Take a look at my Light Painting Gallery for many more images